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I-420 Handpipe - Incredibowl Industries


The Incredibowl is a marvel of smoke engineering. It utilizes an expansion style chamber and quick draw bowl to deliver nothing but smooth and powerful hits of smoke. Hands down it is the most efficient smoking device you can carry around in your pocket.

The Incredibowl I420 is the original version
The tube is made from a space aged poly-carbonate which is heat and shatter resistant. It features a half gram bowl constructed from aircraft grade aluminum. An overall beautifully mastered smoking device with no details spared. Each piece in the unit separates for easy cleaning and replacement of parts if necessary.

What makes the Incredibowl so unique is it's filtration and delivery method. Unlike anything you've smoked out of before, the I420 was designed to deliver cool filtered smoke at a very high velocity. You get nothing but a smooth hit for a very enjoyable experience. It comes in a variety of colors to suite anyone's tastes.

The I420 Incredibowl measures 7.75" in length. Original size chamber is huge and fills up with copious amounts of smoke. Truly a one hit wonder. The high quality steam-roller style pipe is made Colorado! The rugged design is backed by a lifetime warranty and each unit includes a certificate of authenticity.


Key Specs
    • The I420 Incredibowl
    • 7.75" in length
    • High velocity, steam-roller style hand pipe
    • Poly-carbonate design makes it unbreakable
    • Bowl holds half a gram of material
    • Lifetime warranty
    • Available in a wide variety of colors (choose from radio boxes above)
    • Made by Incredibowl Industries in Colorado

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